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Chocolate Extravaganza

Chocolate Extravaganza

If you are serious about chocolate then the Chocolate Extravaganza Hamper is the gift choice for you! Our top level chocolate gift hamper is crammed to capacity with chocolate and sugar delights made by small artisan chocolate producers throughout the UK and Ireland. The result is a huge variety of novelty chocolate boxes, bars and baked goodies they won't have come across before and will make them exclaim in delight!.

For allergen information please contact us.


  • Drinks; 
    Chateau Normandie French Sparkling Apple Drink 75cl, 
    Luscombe Organic Sparkling Beverage 75cl, 
    Luscombe Organic Ginger Beer 33cl (non alc), 
    TreeVitalise Organic Birch Water 250ml, 
    Green Lady Sparkling Tea Beverage 250ml. 

    Gourmet Foods; 
    Gluten Free Chocolate Biscuit Celebration Cake 800g, 
    Lindt Swiss Creation Dessert Selection Box 170g, 
    Lily O Brien's Creamy Caramels with Sea Salt 120g, 
    Ditty's Chocolate Ganache Pudding 200g, 
    Kilbeggan Organic Oat Cookies 200g, 
    "Lady's Kisses" Baci Di Dama Almond & Chocolate Biscuits 175g, 
    Tregroes Freshly Baked Milk Chocolate Waffles 230g, 
    Pandora Bell 70% Pulp Real Fruit Jellies 150g, 
    Wildflower Spanish Honey in Terracotta Jar 200g, 
    Cocofina Coconut Blossom Nectar 350 ml, 
    Traditionally Made Lemon Curd by Crossogue Preserves 240g, 
    Butlers Indulgent Hot Chocolate Drink Pods 240g, 
    Nutural World Smooth Macadamia Nut Butter 170g, 
    Ballyshiel's Exquisite Chocolate Pouring Sauce 245ml, 
    New Kings Organic Coffee Bags (6's), 
    Novelty Mallow Shapes by Sweet Boutique 175g, 
    Sweet Boutique Chocolate Lolly 43g x 2. 

    Skelligs Luxury Mint Creme Ganache Truffle Ballotin 130g, 
    Skelligs Non Alcoholic Mixed Chocolate Truffles 200g, 
    Lily O'Briens Festive Creme Brulee Tower, 10 Chocolates, 122g, 
    D’Ooh Dahs Fig & Orange Milk Chocolate 100g, 
    D'Ooh! Chocolata Giant Chocolate Buttons. 

    Presented in high quality Wicker Hamper with leather straps.


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